Meet Rose.

This weekend I was surprised by my amazing hubby with a new plant! :) He's so amazing! Her name is Rose. My first thought was oh man another plant for me to kill because as some of you know I am not good at gardening. Rose is my third plant. Last year I received Penelope for my birthday and she died a few days shortly after my birthday. And then there was Mr. Christmas my Christmas tree plant (who was not suppose to die) but has now started turning brown. So I'm hopeful that this time around Rose will Bloom into a beautiful Plant! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep her alive for longer then a week! Pictured below are Pictures of Rose :) and one of Penelope to rem. her memory :)
                                                                         Rose <3

Penelope <3


Lake Mary

This weekend I had the privilege of showing a very very very lovely friend around Lake Mary. The thing about is that I always get so excited when i get to show off my city :) Because I presonally think Lake Mary,Fl. is the best place to live here is why:

1. Good Food (you knew i was going to say that!)
we have places like peach valley cafe, appletons, cafe posittanos, Kellers and That Deli!

2. The Farmers Market every Saturday (where you can pick up fresh veggies, honey, jerky, and boiled nuts)

3. The Trail 

4. Gelato Shops (the sweet Shoppe)

5. Fun Malls (with fun stores!)
6. Dollar Theaters


Birffffday List

So my birthday is officially one month away on Monday! Since I consider myself a princess I have always celebrated my birthday the entire week and this year will be know different! I am already excited because I know I will have the most magical birthday ever at Disney! :) And I have 2 very special people who I love with all my heart coming to celebrate who will remain nameless for privacy issues. haha These things together are going to make my birthday awesome!!!!!
 Down below i've made a list of some things I would LOVE to do for my birthday week of course:

1. Cinderellas Royal Table- Clearly is a priority since I believe I'm princess and what better way then to celebrate with the greatest and my most favorite princess ever!

2. Tinkbells Pixie Hollow- Last time I was at Disney I found out that I could meet tinker bell (one of my favs) in her own pixie hollow which stinks you down to fairy size! However every time we attempt to go the line is 60 min. and above!

3. Have an ice cream party! I feel the older I get the more juvenile I want the party to be to remind me of my youth and what better way then an ice cream party!!!! I found this DIY project on my friend Christi Duncans blog! Its so adorable!!!

Popcorn can be in attendance too

4. Make Cupcake Lollipops- another cute DIY project that I found on Tori Spellings Twitter page. Combing 2 amazing things cupcakes and skewers....its a cupcake on a stick! i <3 it!

Even though I'm going to be older :( 
at least I will with be with 3
people I truly love!
Thankful for That!


reignite your life!

This weekend was our youth ministry had a weekend long event
Called reignite.
I'm not going to lie I began the weekend on a rough start.
I was so disappointed when i received a text that our host home had received boys and not just any boys middle school boys!!!!
I began to pout (i'm so telling the truth) to God how could a women who does not enjoy boys 
host them in her home! I was worried about every material thing in my house and how it would survive the weekend. All forgetting that God himself was orchestrating this himself.
 It just showed me how selfish I was being.
Friday night I was late by 2 hours. I was even more upset now.
All I had ever thought about was this weekend and now I was stuck at work!
needless to say I started the weekend in a mood.
But little did I know that not only would God move in the heart of the youth but my heart as well.

Friday night rally was over and I was very excited to see that i had gotten 10th and 11th grade Girls!
I was humbled immediately upon returning to our host home.
We began our group discussion about what was spoken on.
The girls began to share there struggles about unsaved souls
I was even so encouraged when they started giving a fellow group member advice.
God was already moving.

Involved waking up at ungodly hours.
We began the day with a rally.
The Rally was about freedom from our past.
It's crazy how that same message speaks to my heart everytime it's shared.
What was I holding on to privately in the rooms of my heart?
I only could think about what my girls would answer.
The rally ended and we went our picture rama scavenger hunt at the mall.

we began our hunt with a mean security guard who lectured us about taking pics.
 running the mall for a shoe that did not exists.
running with random people.

We made out way back to church to pack 10,000 meals for Ethiopia!
It felt good to come together as many generations to give to a people group that have nothing!
It was there that I began to take pride and be proud of how God is using out youth!

After Bowling was a must.
So we packed up and jammed to shining star.

Pictured above are some girls in my group Minus the one on the right! Even though she's awesome too!!! :)
We had fun and I don't mean to boost or anything but I beat our group & Christi!

Saturday Night
Was the final Rally.
In which God Changed my heart.
I think it was during a worship song we were on our knees.
I began to hear someone crying.
I stopped to see it was one of my girls.
Immediately I felt this overwhelming emotion.
A love, A wanting to comfort, A wanting to pray over.
I acted on my emotion and went over and prayed inside myself.
As I got up I began to cry.
Wow! For the first time in my whole life I realized What my youth pastor (Josh) and (Katriana)
felt for us. I can explain it but to say that I felt like I was accountable to my youth. It's like God had given them to me to take care of them, share wisdom, and help assist in making them leaders for Christ.
It felt different on the other side the leader side BUT i was liking it.
During the invitation I felt it again.
The feeling that I absolutely loved this kids and would do anything to guide them to the God that loves them.

Later that night at Group Discussion
The girls began to share what God was doing in there lives.
So moving.
One of the girls said she felt like the leaders actually loved and cared about her.
And then it happened I began to cry.
I explained to them How God had been moving in my heart.
How almost 10 years ago I had a youth pastor and hi wife that cared about me so much
They invested in me. They trained my by discipleship and example.
I grew so much in those years that I wanted them to experience that!
I wanted them to be me.
I wanted to pour into them, love them, pray for them, and disciple them
so that one day they could do that to someone else.
So they could stand up and disciple another person.
I want them to be as passionate about the bible as I was taught!
And then I told them 
I loved them and I meant it!

I feel so blessed to have been moved in the way I was this weekend by our youth.
There are so amazing!
They are going to be used by God I know it! 
And I cannot wait to see it unfold and have the privilege to be apart of that!

It gets better! not only do we have amazing youth!
We have the privilege of serving with amazing leaders who happen to be such amazingly awesome friends!
I also cried during that revelation as well lol
Lord, Thank you is all I can say!
We are so blessed to have a church family again!
He took a weekend that started off selfish
made me realize I have so much to be thankful for!!!!!

These photos were stolen from Cyndi!
Since my iphone broke and decided to delete all the pics I had taken!



It has been a pretty busy last few weeks. So i will rush threw what i like to call a summary!

My sis in law is now 16 and driving :) She's beautiful, smart, fun, and a great reality show partner! I am so blessed to have a younger sister to share little moments with...

We spent her lovely birthday with harry potter. Here is some advice for when u go: 
1. take sunscreen 
2. get ready to stand and wait alot
3. book yourself a massage for the day after!

I finished my last DIY project Black Boards! It came out beautiful thanks to my hubby!
Pics will be posted soon!
Other DIY project attempted:

Dying your hair with coffee!
Advice on that:
1. basically plan on washing ur hair for 5 hours after.
2. be ready to clean coffee grounds for a week after
3. just by a box of hair dye because it doesn't work!

Over the last week God has been pushing and tugging my heart about many things.
Our youth went to camp this last week and had the time of there lives. After hearing
testimony after testimony. My heart became so encouraged to see God work in there lives.
So much so that it has challenged me! 
Remember that your life is but a vapor...it's hear one minute and can be gone the next!
You have no control over your life or where you will be or when u will die
God does.
You can take all vitamins, medicines, wrinkle cream 
but you are still not promised tomm.
What are you living for?
For God or for yourself?
I know i want to leave an impact in my generation, in my youth, and in my family.
That God goodness, grace, and mercy are far better then any material thing!
God is waiting for u to impact others!
Be encouraged and read the gospels especially John. See how God has planned for us to be evangelist for him.
Sharing his love and growing ourselves!
Just a thought i wanted to share!


Project Hang Mason Picture Jars is DONE!

well as you have read the last 3 post have been on home projects. Well i'm officially happy to say that my home projects are done! Here are some requested pics of the project.

Step 1: Instead of thrifting I went to local stores to pick up my supplies.
Frames were from Target on sale for 9.00 dollars :)
Art is really scrapbook paper from Michaels 79 cents each :)
Hooks are from Pier one 2.00 dollars each :)
Mason jars are from World Market $1.29 each :)
Flowers are from joann and costed $ 2.00 :)
Making my grand total $ 29.00

After a short time of hanging here are the results and I could not be happier :)

I also you my extra mason jar to spruce up some hooks :)

My next mission is to conquer and make a blackboard for the kitchen! 


Make your home unique!

Well as I was researching my first project (hanging mason jars) for my bedroom. I came across a website that had 5 more cool ideas which I will share some below! all which are very inexpensive and fun! The first project that i'm going to share i'm so excited about and in fact i might go to Jo Ann fabrics right now to get some pieces together!
                                                            Fun project 1: Framing fabric
                                                         Here are some of my inspirations!

Supplies Need: 
Fabric or Gift Wrap
and Boom you have a beautiful picture!

Fun Project #2:
kitchen chalk board
Here are my inspirations

Supplies needed:
an old frame 
an old mirror
Chalkboard paint
A small piece of plywood
primer or varnish

For more information on detail to detail instrutions on how to create these beautiful pieces visit the website below (this is where I got the idea from :)



All the glitters is red, blue and white.

Happy Birthday America!
We are so blessed to live in the country we live in.

We have so much freedoms
fashion to wear and do as we want
we own homes, cars, food and clothes
college is must!

We have many forms of entertainment
disney world :)
video games
beautiful scenery
sport games
eating out

We can pray openly
Attend church openly
Read our bibles openly
witness to others about the love of Christ
And help others openly.

We don't have to worry daily about our safety
or harm to ourselves
we have others who are willing to sacrifice lives
for us we are blessed.

We laugh daily
We have access to internet, television, and phones
we can communicate as often as we like.
We are blessed
we are free!
Thank you Lord for all you have to us and the freedom we have :) 


Frugal Finds

In the last year i've learned a lot of lessons but one of the biggest lessons learned is to be frugal and appreciate and spend wisely the finances God has given me. As some of you know this has been a hard lesson for me to learn since I am a former shopaholic and take out queen but after this year I enjoy looking for a deal it gives me even more satisfaction buying it then before :) So here are some of the fabulous frugal finds that I found this week (of course thanks to my creator who blesses me beyond belief).

Frugal Find #1: AE Artsy Skirt ($13.00)

Frugal find #2: Fake Flowers (1.99) will add a touch of color to any room.

Frugal Find #3: Mason Jars ($1.49) These can be used as vases, storage, spice holders, drinking cups, and candle holders. 

Frugal Find #4: Vans. (29.99) On sale. Thats why you should always check the sales rack :)

Frugal Find #5: Pizza Dough. (2.59 i've found cheaper) A nice way to spice up your movie night. Add your own sauce and toppings for under the cost of store bought pizza.